Ready, Set, Done: Post-Apocalyptic Dream Edition

It is 8 am, and I am half awake. Outside, I can hear the distant hum of construction machines whirring awake, as they begin their daily work schedule. I imagine that the construction workers must be freezing as they mill about in the dawn light. It is certainly not an enviable task, to be part of a construction team this early in the morning.

Let’s see, what did I dream about last night? I must say, I had a rather unusual dream. In it, me and a fellow astronaut crash landed on a planet, which was actually Earth fifty years in the future. I had the misfortune of being captured by some government officials, who forced me to assimilate into the global totalitarian regime that had taken over much of the planet. I was made to watch indoctrination videos that gradually brainwashed me and caused me to lose any memory of my former life.

Where was my astronaut partner during all this time? No doubt hiding, in an attempt to save his own skin.

Meanwhile, I was being watched by a handler 24/7. The handler took me back to my hometown, which had somehow evolved into a bustling metropolis. The place had been completely built up. Only a few shreds of the town I remembered—an old grocery store and a few groves of trees—remained.

Eventually the handler revealed to me that the Earth was on the brink of complete chaos. In a matter of 3-5 years, many crucial resources (water, oil, food) would be severely depleted. In the meantime, he was stockpiling a decent arsenal of food and supplies in his basement.

So, yeah, that was my dream last night. Crazy weird, right? I think it’s a result of all the speculative sci-fi movies I’ve watched recently (Interstellar, Oblivion, etc.) I also saw the trailer for Mad Max last night, which doubtless filled my head with all sorts of random oddities.

Ready, Set, Done: Post-Apocalyptic Dream Edition