Buyers, Beware?

You future earth dwellers, who have touch/sight/taste/sound beamed directly into your brains, will never know the madness or the loneliness of the 21st Century.

You catch brief glimpses of it from CCTV archives, spying your great great grandparents on video footage dating back to before the birth of the internet.

Back then, people were not truly connected–not as they are now. To communicate, words had to be spoken, or emails sent.

Naturally this caused great problems. Email responses ended up forgotten, half-finished drafts floating in cyberspace forever. Words spoken could be ill-twisted; or worse yet, never spoken at all.

Most emotionally vulnerable in these times were the elderly and the nonconformists. To combat loneliness, these individuals would huddle in front of a rectangular box with a view screen attached.

These boxlike devices, or “personal computers” could be used to communicate with other lonely or like-minded individuals.

Gradually the technology improved: personal computers were replaced by smartphones, which in turn were replaced by brain-beamers. Technology brought the entire world together–for it’s own good, of course.

Future earth dwellers, be glad that in your era, the cure for loneliness is only a brain beam away. No more missed emails, lack of emotional connection, or social isolation. Instead, simply access a brain beam wavelength, and open yourself up to the collective consciousness of humanity.

Buyers, Beware?

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